Gushers 500mg (THC-infused)

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  • Net Weight: 1.07 ounces
  • Total: 500mg THC
  • 10 Candies / 50mg THC each candy
  • Dosage Instructions: Start with 1 fruit gusher and wait approximately 1 hour before eating more
  • Lab Certified
  • Storage: Keep this product in a cool dry place
  • Warnings: The effects of cannabis products may be delayed up to two hours. Keep out of reach of children and animals.
  • Ingredients: Agar, Carob, Gelatin, Glucose, Cane Sugar, Glycerin, Citric Acid, Cannabis Oil, Natural Colouring Flavour.


Gushers 500mg (THC-infused) are a sweet snack that’s bursting with fruity juice in the centre and infused with 500mg THC in each pack.  Every pack of these juicy treats contains 10 candies each containing 50mg THC. Fruit Gushers are an excellent way to medicate on the go while satisfying your sweet tooth.

Medicated Gushers Edibles are flavor packed fruit snacks edibles bursting with sweet tangy candy juices on the inside. Get the original taste of Gushers we all know and love. They are very potent a tote a 500 mg punch of THC infused power inside each pouch. They consist about 5-6 pieces per bag and range from 80-100 mg per Medicated Gushers Edibles.

The same deliciousness loaded with PURE THC for your therapeutic pleasures. These gummies come packed with 100MG of D9 THC per candy, and 5 candies per container totalling  500 MG of THC.


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