Lemon Amnesia

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Feelings: Happy •Giggly •Relaxed •Talkative

Helps with: Depression

THC: 20%
CBD: 2%


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AMNESIA LEMON – sativa-dominant (60%) marijuana strain. Crossing between AMNESIA HAZE and LEMON SKUNK, such a great parent, isn’t it?

Amnesia Lemon is leaning towards the Sativa end of the spectrum produces more of a cerebral and head high. This head high produces sensations of exhilaration and is reported to have hints of aphrodisiac properties. The strain does offer elements of a body high, perhaps due to a reasonable amount of Indica genetics present within plants. This body high is narcotic and produces calming, sleepy, and couch lock effects.

Amnesia Lemon hosts a complex array of flavours that will interest cannabis connoisseurs. Hints of lemon and lime are present upon taking a toke of the strain. Other detectable flavours present when smoking include ginger, marshmallow, and licoricey. The strain’s aromas are potentially even more complex and pleasing than the unique tastes. When pulling a handful of buds of Amnesia Lemon out of the bag, prepare your sense of smell for tones of lime, lemon, sandalwood, hashish, musk, earthiness, grape, apricot, and nectar.

The flowers produced by Amnesia Lemon contain a high percentage of THC, making them an excellent smoke for when you have time to engage in recreational activities fully and creative endeavours. The CBD content of these buds is low, making the strain a good choice for recreational stoning or medical users explicitly looking for THC.

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