Shiva Skunk

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Feelings: •Happy •Sleepy •Tingly

Negatives: •Dry Eyes •Dry Mouth •Paranoid

Helps with: Anxiety •Pain •Stress

THC: 17%


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Shiva Skunk is a pure, potent Indica marijuana strain that inherits the sweet, pungent aroma typical of Skunk varieties.

Shiva Skunk buds often take on beautiful spade shapes in mint and seafoam green shades. Expect to find olive and forest sugar leaves amongst these buds, in addition to some fuzzy orange hairs and a dusting of tiny off-white trichomes. This bud, as the name suggests, is quite the stinker.

Its effects tend toward the lazy side of the spectrum, so evening use is recommended. While providing this intense, relaxing body high, Shiva Skunk manages to clear your mind of any negative thoughts you might be dwelling on, providing the opportunity to enjoy whatever it is that you’re doing entirely. Users who suffer from depression and anxiety find that Shiva Skunk helps them shed their moody shells for happy, social experiences with friends and loved ones.

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