Skunk for sale

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Feelings: •Hungry •Creative •Energetic

Negatives: Dry Eyes •Paranoid •Dry Mouth

Helps with: •Anxiety •Depression •Stress

THC: 17%
CBD: 1%


Skunk for sale

   Skunk  is proof of the expression that the classics never age. Skunk # 1’s appearance reflects the indica traits that are dominant in its gene pool. Sativa, on the other hand, brought its signatures to the effect, an additional heavy relaxing effect, a sublime positive effect. While the body is in relaxation, thoughts will fly into the euphoric expanses of the sky, making you forget about any problems.


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Before that, smoking itself will not be a small pleasure, because the smoke has an inimitable fruity taste of ripe mango with sweet-sour lemon notes and a delicate woody-organic aftertaste. This version of the hybrid offers everything an experienced user could want.

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