White Runtz

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Feelings: Euphoric •Relaxed •Tingly

Negatives: •Anxious •Dry Eyes •Paranoid

Helps with: Anxiety •Depression •Stress

THC: 20%


White Runtz Weed Strain Description

Are you looking to unwind and get inspired? White Runtz strain is the way to go. This hybrid strain is a hit among even the most selective cannabis connoisseurs.
This hybrid strain combines the genetics of two famous cannabis varieties: Zkittlez and Gelato. The White Runtz THC content is notably high, ranging from 19% to 29%, with an average of around 20%, which sets it apart from other strains. While CBD is absent, the hybrid is enriched with other cannabinoids that offer unique effects.
The dense buds covered in white trichomes are the standout feature of this hybrid, and they are sure to make your heart skip a beat with their frosty, snow-like appearance. If real White Runtz doesn’t appeal to your taste buds, there are other related varieties available, such as Purple Runtz, Pink Runtz, and Runtz Muffin.

White Runtz Aroma and Flavour

From the moment you inhale, the sweet, fruity aroma of this strain will transport you to a tropical paradise. Its flavour profile is just as enchanting with smooth, fruity, and earthy notes that will leave your taste buds begging for more. In fact, some cannabis enthusiasts have even compared its flavour to the creamy goodness of their favourite ice cream — a real treat for those with a sweet tooth!

White Runtz Strain Effects

This is the remedy for a troubled mind and aching body. Its mystical blend of calming and invigorating properties is like a magic wand, providing relief for muscle tension and spasms and making you feel as if you’re floating on a cloud.
With a high THC content, White Runtz marijuana offers the perfect balance of physical and mental effects. It’ll elevate your mood to a state of pure bliss and inspire boundless creativity.
No matter your fancy, this strain is an excellent companion for all sorts of activities. Whether you want to have a movie marathon, indulge in some self-pampering at a luxurious spa, or just lounge around the house, this strain has got your back.

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